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If there's no Cloud, there's no Rain!
No Pain, No Rain!!
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Rain's Motto......

Rain in CNN Talk Asia Interview.

"......My motto in life is to be humble and to endlessly persist and strive. I really believe that there is nothing that can be gained without effort......"

"......I want to be a representative of
Asia and Asian people, regardless of whether you are Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Singaporean, Filipino. I think that Asian culture is great......I would like to be able to do this in the near future and to become a person that all of Asia can be proud of......"


Rain's New CF - Pizza Hut
(click the photo and watch the adv)

Rain to Reappear in CNN's Talk Asia
The Korea Times 

K-pop sensation and actor Rain will make a return appearance on CNN's ``Talk Asia'' to answer questions selected from those posted by his fans on the cable news channel's homepage.

On its Web site, CNN introduces Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) as a singer-actor with five albums to his name who has performed before thousands of screaming fans at concerts across the world. ``He's gone from being a backup dancer to the biggest thing in Asian pop culture, an actor and singer who has sold millions of albums,'' it says.

It also says he broke into the notoriously tough South Korean show business with JYP Entertainment when he was just 18 years old and is known as one of the hardest working people in the entertainment business.

Rain is expected to record the interview later this month. It is his first visit in four years to the program, which invites influential figures in the region.

Hundreds of fans from all over the world have already posted questions. Queries range from ``Who is your favorite Hollywood actress?'' and ``Why did you turn Megan Fox down?'' to ``What is your goal in the end?'' and ``When does your U.S. debut album come out?''

Rain made his first mark on Hollywood last year with a role in ``Speed Racer,'' appearing alongside Christina Ricci and Matthew Fox.

The upcoming action film ``Ninja Assassin,'' which stars Rain, will be released on Nov. 25.

In the film, he plays an orphan who becomes a ninja warrior. The film, directed by James McTeigue (``V for Vendetta'') and produced by the Wachowski brothers, has been one of the most highly anticipated action films of the year.


All Wrist Band Profit will be donated to World Vision. 





Breaking News......
"Legend of Rainism" 2009 Rain Asia Tour Hong Kong Concert scheduled 28 and 29 November 2009.  Details to be confirmed.
"Nanja Assassin" in threatre on 25 November 2009......

I must overcome myself.
If I am not overcome, it even not to success.
My goal is giving my passion for acting.
Because I wasn't born to win it, I had to practice when one's are sleep.
Music......is my life.
Like the sun always sets, I want to retire when it's my time.
Everytime I set limit, I got over them.
If there is no Cloud, there is no Rain.

New CF shooting for Nature Republic Korea



LG OHUI CF - Download

Endless Effort; Endless Endurance; Endless Humility!